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Life In Ooty

The people of Ooty are appreciated by all the travelers for their extremely hospitable nature. The residents add to the charm of this colorful and lively place. The total population of Ooty is about 8, 1763 people according to the census of 1991. The languages that are commonly spoken by the various people in Udhagamandalam are Tamil,Kannada, Malayalam and English.

Ooty was originally inhabited by the various tribal communities before the British came to this place. The most important among these tribes were the Todas. The other tribes of Udhagamandalam were Kurumbas, Badagas, Parias and Irulas. The present population of Ooty mainly comprises of Tamils, Mysoreans, Keralites, Bagadas and Todas.

Ooty welcomes travelers from across the globe and are known for their warmth and extremely hospitable nature. The residents add to the charm of this vibrant and lively hill station that exhibits a blend of an old world charm and modern expressions that defines the lifestyle of the Tribes, locals and dwellers of this region.
Ooty is mainly inhabited by the Toda Tribes that co-existed with other Tribal communities such as the Bagadas, Kurumbas, Paniyas and Irulas who settled here even before the British arrived in India. Hence, Ooty exhibits a mix of traditional tribal lifestyle and a modern-day lifestyle owing to settlement of other locals from Tamil Nadu, Mysore and Kerala thus bringing with them a rich background of cultural and traditional attributes that adds to the lifestyle of Ooty.

Though the Tribal community thrives on cattle rearing and agriculture, today, most of the Todas are working in government services and the Bagadas have also advanced through the introduction of new methods for improving their agricultural produce thus making them more socially, culturally and economically advanced and thereafter bringing a positive change to their lifestyle and way of living.

Since most of the people in Ooty are very religious, they tend to lead a very traditional lifestyle. Their beliefs and warm nature makes Ooty an attractive Hill station that marks it as one of the most popular tourist destinations in India.